Dear Potential Sponsor,

The celebration of Mardi Gras is one of the largest civic and tourism events on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. It requires the work of many volunteers, local governments, and public safety officials that spend thousands of hours to make Mardi Gras a successful event. Community Sponsors are also an integral part of creating this special event for the Mississippi Gulf Coast and we invite you to join us as a Community Sponsor of the Gulf Coast Carnival Association.

The Gulf Coast Carnival Association traces its roots to the first Mardi Gras parade on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in 1908. Since then we have continued to celebrate Mardi Gras for the people of the Mississippi Gulf Coast. In 2008, the Gulf Coast Carnival Association celebrated its 100 years of Mardi Gras.

Join today and be apart of History! 

P.O. BOX 1923
OFFICE: (228) 432-8806

We wish to address your invitations and list your sponsorship for the coronation program exactly as you desire. Yearly membership is required: Community Sponsorship is $475.00 (31+) or Associate Sponsorship is $300.00 (30 and under) and may be paid via Credit Card On-line or mailed to the carnival office.  The collected customer registration data is kept strictly confidential. Only fully completed forms are accepted.  All Credit Card payments are subject to a processing Fee.  Note:  All Existing Sponsors are subject to $25.00 Late fee if forms are submitted after August 30th. 

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